Eve Higby

Showing Up for Racial Justice partners with BIPOC-led organizations, supporting their efforts and following their lead. What do our partners do and how do we show up for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color? How does accountability manifest in these relationships? …

Partial view of an incarcerated person holding a photograph of loved ones

Norman Williams was sentenced to life for stealing a car jack from the back of an open tow truck. Charles Ramirez got a life sentence for stealing a car radio. Vincent Rico, too, for the petty theft of two pairs of children’s shoes from a department store. Why such harsh…

By Heather Millar

A Black couple walks toward a house with a For Sale Sign.

I really couldn’t believe it when my next-door neighbor said it. “I’m selling my house,” she told me a couple weeks ago as we stood on the path between our houses. “They’re going to be taking pictures. …

Have a Loved One with Distressingly Racist Ideas? Me too.

By Heather Millar

A discussion between a younger woman and an older woman hits a sticking point.

Like most people in this country, I’ve been arguing a lot this year. Pointing out racism and lack of empathy on social media. Bristling a bit when made aware of my own racist missteps.

Doomscrolling and raging…

SURJ Bay Area

Showing Up for Racial Justice - Bay Area ~Moving white people to act as part of a multi-racial majority for justice with passion and accountability.

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