Why should you use natural materials while renovating kitchens?

Kitchen renovation is one of the critical tasks of interior designing which if goes wrong can affect the entire aesthetics of a house. Whether one considers a complete renovation or simply wants to update some of the basic features of the kitchen, replacing the countertops can have a big impact on the kitchen’s overall appearance. Smart homeowners know that choosing granite countertops over synthetic materials will add value to their home and provide a durable and beautiful workspace for the entire family to enjoy.

While choosing the relevant counter-tops so available, one may be surprised to know all the choices available. Man made materials like laminate are popular due to their affordability and easy installation. However, these materials are made to look like granite stones but ideally lack the lustre, depth and richness of colour that is found in the natural material. There is a notion amongst many that, granite is a very expensive material in respect to other synthetic or natural material. This is true to some extent, but one has to even consider its longevity and resistance to wear and tear. The concept of affordable kitchens is new which ideally uses the several synthetic materials to re-build a kitchen, but the longevity of the build is relatively lower than that of natural materials. Also, in case of small bathroom renovations, granite can be used ideally used to magnify the beauty.

Advantages of natural materials over synthetic materials –

a. Longevity — The natural materials usually have a greater shelf life than synthetic material. This is due to their natural built quality. Also, being naturally made, these may be a little costlier but their longevity is what steals the show.

b. Beauty — It is quite evident that natural materials have a greater aesthetic value. Granite is formed by the prolonged solidification of layered rock, which with heat and pressure becomes remarkably strong and tensile. Also, the veins and designs formed due to the natural deposition puts up to a great deal of beauty and art.

c. Maintenance — The natural materials incur a very low maintenance cost. This is due to their composite built quality and added shine. Granite has a natural lustre and shine from within which is not tampered unless it is exposed to acid treatment. However, synthetic materials like laminates are layered artificially and can be affected if excessive moisture treatment is done. Also, excessive polishing and maintenance corrodes the synthetic materials but enhances the natural materials. This is also similar in case of hardwood flooring wherein regular dusting and cleaning improves its beauty.