caring for each hair strand, ditching the commercial hair care

I remember as a kid, my mother used to smother egg on me and my sister’s head. We both were quite a toddlers to question anything then. Thus, it was obvious not to protest.

She would give us a nice egg hair wash. While doing so she would ask us to keep our eyes shut during the entire eggperience. Once done with it, we were not stopped from roaming free or for playing the whole day. In the essence, the egg hair wash worked as a kind of barter to let us do our own thing.

My mother also used to wash her hair with the egg. Thus, we sisters never had any alter thoughts about the ritual. It was normal for us to see our mother cracking 2 normal sized eggs into a bowl. Then she would whisk them with manual beater in a vigorous manner. After that she would slather a large portion of it on her long hair. Then both our pixie cut hair would get the same treatment with the leftover beaten eggs.

Luckily our friends with whom we played were all toddlers, so they did not care much for our stinking heads. But they did start mocking and bullying us once they discovered the smelly truth. Only when we realized that elders also started boycotting us due to our smelly heads, we sisters started making excuses to skip the weekly rituals of egg hair washes.

The time then flew and our mother no longer indulged in her daughters’ beauty regimen. Though with time the hair on our heads also flew; flew to never return back to our scalps.

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Receive my Hair Detox Course in an Infographic format

Receive my Hair Detox Course in an Infographic format