So many people, So little love — Love is just a waste of time:

I am sitting in this chair alone — and this is my life. I am lonley and lost. I am alone and god knows till when I have to wait for the love of my life.

And the sole reason to write is all because I have a contradiction. I think love is just a waste of time.

Time and tide waits for none. Speaking honestly, I think, it is great responsibility as well as duty of an individual’s to value their time and be productive. I mean, to do something with it than wasting time falling in love and being with their lover.

It is just my opinion.

Opinions are like assholes and everyone has one. Not to offend you dear readers. You might have different opinion, I have different.

I am kind of a disillusioned guy; I am not good at this love stuffs and relationship thing. Modern people say love is a skill and one must develop it and bee good at it. But I fear, most of the human life is being wasted on thinking about finding a love of their life or dreaming about it. I am no exception. I have spend a lot of my time either dreaming about it or trying to find love of my life.

I am tired; I don’t want to do this at all now. All I wanted to do it — create a change, to push human race forward, to benefit the mankind. To give some more hope and optimism, to share some more values and aspirations.

Looking back my life and trying to put it in this paper, I do not know if love is benefitting me at all. Each second and each minutes is slipping away, doing nothing, but living in a world, struck in the difference between dreams and reality.

I hate to tell this but I have not found the love of my life. I am tired of searching and seeking. I wasted all those time seeking love and reading poetry. All my times will never be back. And my times are dead and wasted.

I have been in love. It was her and I have waited more than 10 hours only to be ten minutes with her.

The love of my life has wasted thousands of hours. I have spend a lot of my time thinking about her, imagining how it would be if I could talk. I could not make her the love of my life. perhaps, she was not my soulmate and perhaps we wen’t destined for each other.

I imagine a perfect one. You know, A little flower reminds us, of the whole garden, she is in whole.

The idea you will have someone in your life that fits in your puzzle as a missing piece is kind of romantic, it’s some kind of abstraction. Though I have never fallen in such kind of love, the idea of it being in my mind excites me.

Then again, honestly from the other side of coin, I hate the idea of people falling in love and marrying and starting a family.

Human being’s ultimate goals seem to be this. To find a perfect someone and raise a family and move on living their family life.

OPPS! This is the life we dreamed of. But let’s take a pause here. Love is taking us against incredible odds. For millions and one reason, who share everything in common.

But do people really love each other. Is there soulmate ot twinflame. This is a mystery of love. Love evades this answer.

But still love is two parallel lines, which will never met. Hard not to stare stranger in crowd and imagine what it must feel t spend life with them. Meeting another person who‘d feel like a soul mate.

I do not care who are
Where you are from
What you do
As long you love me
-Blackstreet boys

Most of the songs are love songs, most of the literature is about human love. Religion about love. Love seems to be surrounding us everywhere.

That’s why my puny mind never stops talking about love and thinking about it.

Most of the quotations in the world are apocryphal. And for me Love is my greatest distraction. I cannot work, talk, sleep, focus on my daily deeds because of it.

Nothing or no one has existed in my mind for so long than the idea of failing in love and finding my soul mate.

I am afraid that love will end me up in a Mediocre life only wanting what other wants — love marriage, a conventional life.

We always need someone who sees value in us, not in things we do, not in where we came from, but just us. It seems impossible but there should be

Searching for love is like searching of meaning. It is like searching for missing treasure. The hunger stays in us- to find the love of our life. Some have courage to go out there in the world and search it. Othe’s people have their own way.

I cannot enjoy live when I obsessed by the fact of finding the love of my life. How trivial everything seems compared to love of your life?

People born, they grow old and die. We get bored, never better while constantly thinking about death. But amazingly we learn is to live with it. With our friends, families loved ones. We get over the fact that life is temporary. But life is too short and temporary and it is frightening to constantly think about.

There is no way one can get over with it. To fall in love. To feel like you are immortal . but still, love is a waste of time or me. It constantly drags my attention

I am a poor being, I work hard every day.
I want to spend all my energy on making a living. But also I feel drained at the end of the day.
Even in middle or in the pause of stimulus and response of everyday. I always catch myself day dreaming or thinking about future.
I am still passionate and openly romantic that in future i will have somone sitting in that chair.

I still dream of a girl who is rather beautiful. Who is supportive and who demands my attention. I don’t want to waste my time, neither will she be wanting to.

Sometimes, I feel so lonely, I feel bored and meaningless. Life is full of mystery. I have a very less time. And love seems to be wasting more of mine time.

I have no idea what should I do,

I have no time for myself and to the world

I am always on my phone

I am always confused

I am wasting my money, my time, my attention.

I am aware of this and cannot say love is good for me or bad for me . Maybe love is after all good but the pursuit of love is bad. Maybe the idea of finding lover is overhyped and mysterious.

There are 7 billion people in earth, 7 billion soulmates. who is the one I am supposed to love. Umm, love is so overwhelming. love is so confusing. Love is so time wasting. I wasted my 30 minuted and more, writing about the topic of love. love is so time wasting.

And maybe I am wrong. Maybe the way of love is right. Perhaps I will find my true love someday. Perhaps, let’s hope that, And until then, I will not broach this topic for discussion. I will at least try.

Until then



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