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Hillary Clinton campaigning in the 2008 election did all she could to try to characterize candidate Obama as the “other” as not a true God- fearing Christian American . Her campaign posted pics of Obama in native African tribal costume portraying Obama as having an Un-American view of the world and not having basic American values . Her campaign also hinted Obama might not be a real American and possibly heaven forbid not a real Christian like Hillary. Her campaign made much of the Obama’s connection to Rev. Wright because the reverend dared to criticize the USA. Hillary claimed that she and Senator John McCain were both far better qualified to run for the presidency than Obama. Hillary is in favor of limiting immigration and deporting illegal immigrants and holding them in substandard prisons .

Hillary has had little interest in the Black Lives matter movement except when she saw a chance to garner votes in certain states while in other states downplaying any support for the movement. Note how Hillary dismissively treated Black Lives Matter protester Ashley Williams at a paid function for which Ashley had paid the full fee and yet was told she was trespassing?

Note the Clintons spent a lot of time in Klan country in Arkansas and they have referred to the KKK as if they were akin to the Rotary club or Knights of Columbus which is a false equivalence since the KKK is a terrorist organization which called for vigilantism and lynchings of Blacks and their sympathizers. They counted racist such as Wal-Mart’s Sam Walton and his family and Sen. Byrd, George Wallace and Goldwater as good friends . They also during their time in Arkansas annually celebrated the Southern Confederacy and the Confederate Flag .

As for police killing Black citizens at an alarming rate and the mass incarceration of Black Americans it needs to be noted again and again that these have occurred after the Clinton draconian racist anti-crime bills passed by the Clintons in the 1990s. The Clintons revved up the militarization of police, the draconian over the top three strikes, Broken Windows theory and the notion of zero tolerance and policies such as Stop and Frisk all of which affected Black Americans disproportionately .

Meanwhile to further punish the Black population the Clintons gutted welfare, food stamps and public housing . The Clintons militarized the police increased the numbers of police by tens of thousands while promoting Private for profit prisons and privatized police forces .

During The Democratic convention Hillary showed little real sympathy for Black Lives Matter or environmentalists and even shut down Bernie supporters and the Black Lives Matter supporters esp during her acceptance speech during which some 700 seat fillers were hired and instructed to cheer her and to shout down Bernie Supporters or Black Lives Matter Supporters or any other dissident voices all of which the Media dutifully ignored and so created their own false narrative to adhere to Hillary and the Democratic status quo’s narrative and Talking Points.

The Clintons also made it easier for anyone to discriminate against felons who had actually served their time in order to further their punishment for the rest of their lives reminiscent of the characters in Les Miserables from which the Clintons and others drew the wrong lesson.

So Hillary and the Neoliberals believe once a crook always a crook and that there is little difference from someone stealing a loaf of bread, a few cigars or some chocolate bars to someone smoking a joint to someone robbing a bank or attempting to commit murder.

So it is rather disingenuous of Hillary to now say she is against trigger happy police or Mass Incarceration or Zero Tolerance while she still wants to pursue the disastrous ill-advised draconian racially biased War On Drugs .

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