What do you think about Lylah’s post below, about the ways she experienced misogyny from a former…
Rae Rosenberg

“One butch woman was a misogynist predator, therefore all butch women are misogynist predators.” Dude that’s clearly homophobia. I’m not talking or dismissing an individual person’s experience with an abusive partner, I’m talking about your article and your words which are part of a dangerous pattern of pretending women are privileged over men. You really, truly think there’s a class of “masculine” people, including women, who hold power over the “femme” class of people, including you? You really think a woman is praised by society and given power for being butch and gender nonconforming? You really think a butch woman has a “masculine” privilege over you, a man? Man I hate this. Trans men out here constructing a “femme” class so they can be subtly misogynist (and I’d say transmisogynistic too) while being praised as progressive. It’s the same old “I was socialized/born female so I can talk about misogyny!” except it’s now “I’m femme so I can talk about misogyny!” It’s a way of removing all context from discussions about misogyny to make it about men. It’s the trans man way of distancing yourself from your own misogyny towards butch women. Do you even know that the term femme comes from lesbian history? Anyway you’re clearly trapped in some kind of queer theory hell, have fun.