5 things to do when life gives you lemons!

  1. Don’t make lemonade

Surprised? Well, the proverb “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” is true only to a very small extent. Yes, it is good to have an optimistic, can-do attitude, but that is definitely not enough. Instead, you need to keep your calm and think of proper strategy to handle the adversity. Don’t leave it to optimism to shoo away your problems.

2. Get Real

Stop brooding! Yes, you read it right. Although it is difficult to start acting on the problem immediately after facing it, you really need to get real. People around you will sympathize, and before it becomes addictive, you need to start taking charge of your problems. Otherwise, you will never be able to break away from the vicious cycle of pity, empathy, & sympathy.

3. Stay Away From Negativity

Even if it means staying away from your loved ones. Do it. For sometime atleast. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do whatever you have set out to do. Or, don’t let anyone tell you that nothing can be better now. The power is in you.

4. Have a backup

Whether it is having a B-plan, having friends you can blindly rely on, or having financial security, you should always be ready with backups. For instance, you can get a credit line in case you foresee financial instability in the projects you have taken.

5. Be open to change

Yes, even after the adversity has passed, things will change (for better or worse). In any case, you should be prepared to accept that life will not be the same as before and you have to find happiness in that itself.

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