Customers need service, really? Tips on improving customer service

What comes to your mind when you think of the best in the service industry? Hotels, airlines and the whole of the hospitality space. What do you prefer when you want to buy something online? Amazon, isn’t it? Why? Duh! Service.

And while you got to be a part of the exemplary service from these teams, it must have crossed your mind many a times as to what you should do to make your service the best amongst your competitors.

The gods of the hospitality industry use quality benchmarking as a method of improving customer service performance. These businesses use comparisons with other (generally anonymous) companies in a similar field. Often these businesses who specialise in Customer Service maintain customer feedback database to use as comparable metrics. But how will you set the foundation to that?

Here are steps that you can follow with your team to ensure exemplary Customer Service benchmarks

1. Prep your reps

Your employees are the face of your company. Let them know what you expect of them. Since they represent your brand and they are the ones who directly deal with your customers, it is of utmost importance that their words and actions are in line with the mission and vision of your business.

2. Set Customer Service standards

Listen to your customers and understand their expectations. Is it exactly what you’re offering? Can you take it up a notch? Carefully set monthly targets for customer service metrics like NPS, number of complaints, response time etc. Remember, these metrics directly impact your revenues.

Image Courtesy : Readytomanage

3. Empower your employees

The sense of duty and responsibility comes with empowerment. However little the task, let employees take responsibility for it. To the more abled ones, you can even set a small budget to be spent to make customers happy.

4. Reward and recognise

Your employees can learn from each other when you reward them. Highlight the best points and set an example for others to follow. Applaud the best of your staff who work hard, in front of the whole team. Take them on outings and drinks! Have fun while at work. Encourage them to learn from each other.

5. Treat your employees with respect

Respect begets respect. If you respect your employees, they respect you, they respect your business and they believe in your vision and mission. Happy employees will always make sure to leave your customers happy no matter what.

6. Train your employees well

While on training, sit with your employees, brainstorm ideas, do role plays. You have to transfer all your energy, passion and vision into your employees.

7. Keep a close eye on actual customer conversations

Monitor your employees closely while they deal with your company’s customers. At times let them know you are doing so, while at times do it in secrecy. Compliment them when they appease a customer or sidestep a potential landmine, and correct them when they do not do a good job of it. Teach your employees to present facts, and calculate the average TurnAround Time (TAT).

Whatever benchmarks you have set for your business, exceed your own expectations by equipping your employees to run the battle. Infuse your passion into them, nurture and hone their skills, and watch how the level of your customer service improves!