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Are you frustrated about getting quality data? do you not receive the right quality data. So let’s today visit Survey Pacific Market Research Company. Survey Pacific is a best leading Market Research company in Ahmedabad. Our Market Research Service includes Telephone Survey, Filed Services, Data collection. Our Market Research company has a dedicated data processing and tabulation team that provides Data entry, Data Formatting, data checking, tabulations, open-ended coding and database management services. Our Clients can be sure that data stored Quality and performance will be maximized, With Remote.

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We use Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods. So let’s understood that which types of methods include Qualitative Research and Quantitative Research Methods. we continue to CATI Market Research with new ways to support the challenging issues in business. Our Team Can Handle National and International projects. Our CATI Center monitors the complete self, automatic and predictive dialing and remote call recording features.

Telephone Survey

We manage our own Custom Telephone Room and use latest sampling Database. Our Center includes field interviewing staff and all support management software Quality assurance and supervisory panel. For your Telephone Survey requirement, Contact us

Sampling Options

  • Random Digit Dialing

RDD is a common method for selecting people for involvement in a statistical telephone survey by generating a random number. Random Digit Dialing used statistical survey in which include election opinion poll and the experimental control group. our market Research company RDD used a computer program to dial random Sequence of a number like four digits which are a combination of and telephone exchange. Random Digit Dialing verity number of Geographically area include code area and geography

  • Cell Phone Sample

Telephone Survey methods and practices have been fixed phone. Mobile phone provides extra features that make them different from fixed phones so alterations must be made regarding sampling and non-sampling issues when using mobile phones to conduct surveys. The usage of mobile phones to conducted surveys has repercussions for sampling frames, respondent’s eligibility, interview length, non-response rates and respondent’s behavior, as well as posing some ethical concerns.

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