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5 Tips To Help You Buy The Right Gas Mask

Picture this. An earthquake beyond any seismologist’s wildest dreams rocks southern California. The freeway systems collapse throughout the Southland, and the San Onofre nuclear power plant is nothing but rubble upon the beach. Your air is filled with nuclear radiation particles.

Imagine this. A terrorist network strikes an Eastern city with chemical warfare. In the Midwest, a smallpox outbreak occurs. What can you do to protect your family from breathing in these dangerous inhalants? Strap on a gas mask so you can breathe clean air. …

Emergency Kit For Car: A Complete Guide For Your Four Wheel

It happens every year. Guaranteed. Each year in the U.S., multiple motorists drive off the road in dangerous weather, get stuck traversing an unfamiliar shortcut or experience car trouble in the middle of nowhere — only to find themselves hopelessly stranded.

To ensure your survival during such an event, you must first create a vehicle survival kit. Fill a bin, back-pack or a duffle bag with important emergency necessities, sealing the most important things in zip-top bags to keep them dry and safe. …

How To Start Modern Homesteading For Beginners

If you want to convert to the homesteading lifestyle, you can start with one small project at a time to determine if the lifestyle is for you. If you dream of living off of your land with no outside job, you should know that this isn’t an unreachable goal.

Anna Hess and her husband Mark have been happily homesteading for years on their 58-acre property, where they enjoy both the labors and the fruits of having a self-sustaining farm.

If you’re interested in following in their paths, they’ve got advice for would-be homesteaders…

How Safe Is My Neighborhood ? Follow My Tips For Selecting A House

When looking to buy a new home, not all of us are fortunate enough to search for a tract of land that stands “off grid.” Proximity to work, airports, schools, hospitals, or ailing parents can be factors that restrict us to a more urban area — or perhaps you’re an irrepressible extrovert, requiring you to throw frequent parties for your hipster friends.

Either way, if you search the web for assistance in house-hunting tips, you’ll find that same old crap — mortgage payments, market value, homeowner association…

How To Prevent Mass Shootings At School

His time, most of the victims were innocent young children. There were 26 dead, including 20 children, at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut that devastated the nation right before Christmas.

These innocent children died in vain if we do not learn from this tragedy and work together to prevent the next one. The victims of mass violence serve as a warning to us all. We can no longer ignore the risks and continue to do the same things, expecting different results.

In order to effectively manage future threats, we must be…

Best 1911 9mm Pistol For The Money And For Sale Reviews

You have run out of options, cornered in a dark alley three days after an electromagnetic pulse blasted the inner workings of every electronic device within 100 miles. Maneuvering, fleeing, reasoning, and diplomacy have all but fallen on the deaf ears of your would-be attackers.

You reach for the one thing that will now speak for you, a model 1911, whose racking slide speaks the international language of authority. It means back up, leave me alone, let me pass.

If not, it will blaze a trail of self-defense…

Situational Awareness Training: How To Be More Observant

With information comes misinformation. Prepping has been around for years, but it has grown in popularity recently thanks to television shows and magazine stories. As a result, more people are aware of how to begin preparing for a disaster. Unfortunately, not everything is accurate.

For example, simply buying gear and wandering into the woods will not make anyone a survivalist, so before you’re forced to make the decision to either stay in place or leave your home following an emergency, you should get to know a few simple facts.

From a domestic…

From Flu Viruses To Bioterrorism Attacks, You Must Be Prepared

Zombies. If you believe pop culture, the next big health crisis facing the united states is a zombie apocalypse. Of course, we’re more susceptible to common threats such as influenza, E. coli, smallpox and malaria carried by those we meet, the water we drink and pesky insects … but taking a few simple steps can help keep you and your family healthy.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this past winter brought about the earliest influenza outbreak the U.S. has faced in nearly a decade. Flu…

Spring Safety Tips: How To Avoid Spring’s Hazards

Mother nature shows no favorites. Although spring weather doesn’t necessarily bring to mind the types of perils that winter can present (such as avalanches and thin ice), dangers are always lurking that can jeopardize your health and safety.

To ensure that your next expedition doesn’t get derailed, consider these quick tips that will keep you safe.

With April showers comes lightning, unfortunately, and last year, nearly 30 people died from lightning strikes, according to the National Weather Service. Ensure that you don’t suffer the same fate by knowing when the bad weather…

Best Survival Dried Foods With Long Shelf Life

Food is essential to survival. In a disaster situation, the power may go out, leaving your refrigerator or freezer virtually useless. Grocery store shelves will be emptied, and restaurants won’t be serving meals. Food will, no doubt, be a hot commodity in a worst-case situation.

Similarly, if you’re in the wilderness, you won’t have access tourban or suburban conveniences. You’ll have to fend for yourself using what’s in your pack along with nature’s resources.

You and your family will need access to food, and dried items are among the easiest to prepare…

You can walk into the wilderness armed with a simple knife on your hip, a bota bag of water, and a map leading to elk migration trails hand drawn by an Inuit ch

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