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You can ask this question of five different people and get five answers. Depending where you ask the question could determine a different answer as much as who you ask. If you were to ask a salesperson, they may say “the one that you can conceal the best.” A physical trainer may say the gun that is the lightest to carry is the best choice. Talk to an instructor at a gun range and that person is likely to tell you the one that best fits your hand and is the most comfortable to shoot is what you should buy.

If you ask me which gun is best, I’ll ask you what’s the target? In other words, our world has become a world of choices. For the gun enthusiasts, it’s like walking into a candy store with 50 choices. However, for a person who doesn’t know a Colt from a Kimber it can be overwhelming. Below we’ll break down the four most common types of guns and discuss their pros and cons.


The most common reason a person buys a gun is for home protection. A pistol is nice because it can easily fit in a small drawer of a night-stand, under a mattress or in a holster hanging from the headboard. But… in all of these cases, the gun isn’t locked up. Do you have children in the house? If so, none of those should be options of where to store a pistol. Be responsible and get a safe and use a trigger lock.

  1. REVOLVER VS. AUTO Now, what type of pistol, a revolver or an automatic? Either can be bought new for under $400 depending on the caliber. Most revolvers will limit you to six shots and you will feel more of the kick. An automatic can hold as many as 17 shots in a full size frame.
  2. Accuracy isn’t the selling point of a pistol. How it feels in your hand and does its work when you need it to means more than if you can hit a target at 100 yards. Most law enforcement officers who use their pistols do so at a distance of 15 to 20 feet or less. A pistol is ideal for close range but should have sufficient stopping power.
     Calibers are like horsepower…there’s no replacement for displacement and horsepower comes at a cost of mileage, noise and size. A 9mm is a very common caliber and one with respectable ballistics. It’s easy to find on most ammo shelves and isn’t the most expensive choice. A double tap in the chest of most bad guys will keep you alive and them wishing they would have stayed home. For those of you looking for the 4×4 of pistols, there are several options. Stopping power is available from several calibers.
  4. The most popular are .357 magnum, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Keep in mind these

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