How to Close Down / Memorialize Key Accounts Once Someone Has Died

With the average person having 90+ online accounts, many people are starting to face the challenge of dealing with a loved one’s digital afterlife. Below are a few tips and resources for shutting down and/or memorializing a loved one’s key online accounts.

  1. Facebook. You can keep the deceased’s Facebook page by “memorializing” it — or you can delete it. Instructions for both are here. If you decide to keep their page, you may want to designate someone as the “legacy contact.” This person can manage the page, respond to new friend requests, update the cover and profile photos, and archive Facebook posts and photos.
  2. LinkedIn. Follow these instructions for LinkedIn.
  3. Twitter. Follow these instructions for Twitter.
  4. Email. Instructions for closing an email account vary depending upon the host. Most hosts, however, have instructions on how to close an email account (Gmail / Yahoo instructions). Just search for “closing an email account after death.” This article also gives a helpful summary.

If you’ve recently lost someone, The Survivor’s Guide is an executor’s checklist offering similar step-to-step guidance as the above but for ALL aspects of death (closing bank accounts, selling their car, applying for social security, etc).