Survivor Stories of Harassment/Abuse/Assault within the gaming live-streaming industry. June 2020.

Survivors Streaming Industry
1 min readJun 22, 2020


Anti-libel & anti-slander defamation lawsuit disclaimer: This collection of information is designed for archival purposes only. The information collected has not been verified to be true and was collected from publicly made statements by alleged victims and accused abusers. By no means is this document a comprehensive list of the abuse in the streaming industry and does not aim to be, simply a recording of the stories shared during June 2020.

People came forward with their stories. I am not casting judgement, nor condone a witch hunt of those accused of alleged abusive behavior. This is to give survivors a voice so they don’t feel alone or gaslit based on their experiences in this industry. Responses to allegations have been added to give impartiality to these events.

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