Machine Learning

Necessary steps one should follow while collecting data for a machine learning project.

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“Data is the new oil”

The most popular NLP project ideas that a beginner must look for

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1. Text classification:

2. Sentiment analysis:

How to start? Learn all you need in one year

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First, What is Data Science:

Month 1: Getting started

An AI Failure Case Study on Amazon

Use Cases:

Some known but mostly unknown malware a social media & internet user should know.

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Introduction: What is Malware?

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Famous AI weapons: what is the use, when to use & when to ignore. Point-wise summary


1. Naive Bayes classifier:

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Explanation of the Existing system and steps required for eye gaze estimation

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Introduction :

Theory Explained ( Computer Vision ): Pattern recognition ( Facial Recognition ) with Challenges and possible methods

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