The Demons in The Head — A Science Fiction

Demons in the head lose their power when they are revealed to be humans.

It’s just so odd, looking the world through the lens of mind control. The manipulators of the society controlling cause and effect at the finest level. Thoughts decides where a person will go and ultimately where the culture as well as nation will go. Someone controlling your thoughts decides your fate, especially when the other faculties of discernment between right and wrong in your mind are neurologically disabled. It’s all just so low level bullshit that it’s hilarious. When they want to torture you they have to take help of your social connections and you realize it’s not divine wrath. Divine wrath for what anyway? For smoking cigarettes? For watching pornography? If you are interesting enough, they will get interested in you. There is total absence of basic human qualities and when the torture hits you for a long long time you would think that it is because of some mistake you made. Not the case. The ones controlling the neurological control establishment are so deep in depravity, murder and pedophilia that no mistake a normal human being makes is bad enough to be compared to it. They will get into your head and decide your reality and you can’t do much about that. It is a prison of your own consciousness and they would suck all the happiness out of it. There will be neurological fatigue when you’ll think of anything you previously loved or enjoyed. There would be neurological fatigue when you have to do some work that is important for your survival. There would be constant contradiction of your thoughts and if you are not a hypocrite you are going to suffer incessantly.

There is neurophysiological and neuromuscular control as well, so as soon as your will breaks they take control of your body and do things that are harmful for your existence and reputation. They will make you say things that make you unreliable in the eyes of others. They would make you do things that may end you up in jail and even worse places. They will show flashes of your memories which even you don’t remember, to intimidate you by making you think that they know you more than you know yourself. You will be kept in an isolated hive mind with criminals adept in art of psychological torture, which includes gaslighting, intimidation, bullying, threatening and much more. I for a long time kept thinking that why am I feeling inferior, turned out they kept criminals in the hive mind I was in who thought low of me and my culture and that made me realize that there are real assholes in the world who think that girls should not get education and blacks are lesser human beings than whites and such things. I have met people suffering with so called psychiatric conditions and that made me realize that there is no sense of right and wrong among these assholes. They revel in torture and enjoy the drama that unfolds through cause and effect. You would think that people who can read minds of others would be mature and high thinking, nah, just a bunch of narcissistic psychopaths. Or probably there are higher ones too and I am specifically kept in the hive mind of dark web running criminal psychopaths who know psychological torture techniques and neurological manipulation.



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Surya Nagvanshi

I mostly write about science, literature, philosophy and culture and sometimes merge all of them.