15 things that are important to life… but easy to forget.

Someone, let’s call him Rohan, has asked me to list down some Important things in life just to have a grasp on what really matters. I did a lot meditation on the topic and came up with as many as 15 things that can give fulfillment to life.

  1. Go with your Gut. When choosing any food choose with digestion as your compass. Even a high nutrient food is poisonous if it cannot be digested.
  2. Hunger and Thirst are very very important. The quantity of food or water intake should be directly proportional to your Hunger and Thirst. Eat to satisfy your hunger. Do not eat for any other purpose.
  3. Sleep Well. If Hunger and Thirst are a powerful compass for your physical health, Sleep is the most reliable compass for your emotional health.
  4. Do not treat sex as entertainment. All problems in related to relationships and sex are because of this point of view. More than orgasm, let sex be an affirmation of ‘My life is super good’.
  5. Experience is one of the best Compass. Whatever you are experiencing be it sadness, be it enthusiasm, be it aliveness, be it vitality is an aspect of your heart. Your Heart is just your experiencing structure.
  6. Choose one thing to focus on. Only one thing. If you direct your focus on many things, nothing will get accomplished. That is for sure.
  7. Anchor positive affirmations to all your actions. This is the most powerful way I have seen to build a powerful self-concept. Over a period of time, It adds lot of value to say ‘I am a good learner.’ when you make a mistake and not redo it.
  8. Ambition is directly proportional to curiosity. If you have a burning question such as ‘How some people are making money in the Share Market but not others?’ and don’t settle for an easy answer, you may end up making huge money.
  9. Meditate. Nothing works better than meditation to get into the heart of things. A secret by-product of any meditation is to open yourself to the call of your Heart.
  10. Memorize more. You can do many things with your brain: like thinking, designing, imagining etc…. But Memorizing is the most grounding activity for brain.
  11. Never Prefer debt. Never. Debt gives the illusion of free money. Debt is actually a claim on future. If debt is taken for personal use it means you forego tomorrow’s happiness for today’s luxury.
  12. Invest Long-term. If you want any good Investment advice for the individual non-professional investor. This is it. Invest Long-term.
  13. Spend on Essential. Organize your spending according to what is essential. This is tough to follow but practicing it gives a sense of ease and freedom in using money. May be sometimes you can give-up that hard, stressful job if you don’t need luxury in the first place.
  14. Make your day-job your passion. You work for 9–10 hrs on a typical day. If day-job is not your passion then you are losing 80% life on surviving it.
  15. Live a life of Design. This is a powerful thing. Let go of all comparision, competition with others. Build a visionary life according to your own terms. You don’t have to become big or be small. You can decide where you want to be and it’s all ok.