Tamil Nadu politics 16Feb2017

Freeze the scenario till JJ’s demise. She worked her way through her intelligence, charisma and political opportunism. Fine, agreed, charisma is what kept her going.

Like any other charismatic leader, she too has no succession planned, or, it looks so. Should we consider SK as her heir, as she partnered in her disproportionate assets too? Hold on to the thought that the answer is ’yes’.

What should have been OPS’s course of action? Plan-A: He could have allowed her to be the CM, she would go to jail, OPS would stand in as CM. Only uncertainty in this course was, what if SK influences the judgement.

Plan-B is what we are witnessing now.

Now, EPS once he gets into the CM chair, can he bring SK out on bail?

What precipitated this situation?

  1. Delay in judgement. How law enforcement authorities could not establish the means the assets are acquired in 19 long years? Is the money so much? Or math skills so poor? Even now SK can file review petition! Amazing!!!
  2. No one is frank enough to call corruption by name and everyone labeling it as disproportionate assets!!! Are we not tacitly becoming partners in propagating this crime?
  3. Subramaniam Swamy, the bold face who initiated this litigation now says, JJ is not the most corrupt!
  4. Lack of leaders. PC, long political experience at center somehow can hardly boost INC in TN!!!
  5. DMK is only competitor in DAs than political ideology.
  6. So much of religious Hindu majority, cannot give a toe hold to BJP!
  7. It’s not lack of faith in national parties then the rule of might and money keeping these parties ruining the state of hard working intelligent citizens.
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