Ruins of time

Late in the evening, devastated
I look back at my day
Of all the different situations
And what I could or would say

I open my laptop, cursng
I had to finish some work
Deadlines were near and 
I had to work after dark

I didn’t want to do this
I didn’t have to do this
I ended up saying YES
As saying NO was scary

I had no burning desire
I was just passing time
My entire life, I was just…
Just passing the entire time

I opened my Google Drive
For a file I’ve downloaded
But I found something
More than what I expected

There were documents I wrote
Years ago when I was a kid
They made sense to me now
I would find something in them

As I went through them
I realized the situation around me
I realized that for a long time
I’ve been lost in the universe

Trapped in the documents
I saw the person I was then
And among the ruins of time
I had found myself again


This post was first published on Surya’s own blog, Morning Reads. To read it directly on his blog, click here