Taking a better way

It is easy to be sad
It is easy to blame everyone
It is easy to look blue
As if nothing is going to help

It is easy to look back
And say nothing is my fault
It is easy to take the same road
I’ve been taking for a long time

It is easy to say “I don’t like it”
It is easy to say “I don’t want to”
But nothing great in life came easy
And greatness has a price to pay

Today is when I make the decision
Between easy and hard
Between an average life of safety
And a great life of adventure

Both are desirable to me
Safety to fall back on something
Adventure to enjoy life to the fullest
But do I have to choose one?

I don’t like choosing
Among the choices I like
It is not going to be easy
And that is my first clue

Some things in life need to be easy
And some things are meant to be hard
And the choice among them
Is something that I have to make

Today, I make the decision
Which will change my entire life
Today, I will create a way
Taking the best of both

When things have a choice
And not something that you would like
It’s better to create a better way
Than sit back and feel bad all day


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