Writer’s block

Early in the day everyday 
I sit down to write
In a long, arduous search
Of words which are right

Some come to me
As a moth to a flame
Some would not come
They like a game

Accepting their rules
I start to play the game
In the end they are aloof
And I am tired, all the same

I decide to write, alas
I have some words
But as I was in the game
They flew away like birds

What can I do now?
I don't know what to do
The entire process starts
Again, I have to do

Some words of sorts
I manage to string down
But as I see them through
I can just only frown

Something is missing
Something is wrong
Incomplete it is there
The process is really long

I try to unwrap myself
From this tedious word lock
This could not be worse
I am having a writer’s block


This is a poem written by Surya l. It first appeared on hid blog, Morning Reads. You can read the post here

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