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When we have something at our disposal it either feels a routine, habit or just .. Words , relations

Growing up life makes things, relations and words have their complexities. But is it those elements that have any complexities after all. Think of it this way, when your a Kid you too have the same constrains, but life feels less complex, so is it the things, relations and words. The answer is obviously, no ! The perception that we create or a sorted to creating during our growing up entails to that. The best time that one can actually evaluate when they are alone without the noise of the latter mentioned. Since in a crowd one can never hear their own voice no matter how loudly even if they did it would not reverberate as much. As it would when you tried to do it alone. This analogy helps when one tries to evaluate relations, things & words. They all connect the same way in their own capacities.

Things are tangible could be anything from a plane to a pin, that is irrelevant what is the fact of the matter is the connection we draw from things in possesion. We display the same level of complex emotions as we would else where, merely coincidental I doubt.

Words and relations on the other hand have a more morbid intangibility unlike its counterpart. If a writer uses wrong phrases at the wrong time the whole sentence would make no sense no matter how many a words they have written. Words help construe those fundamentals that holds the complexity of a script that is being written. Relations, surprisingly enough go the exact same way. We always sort to blame the opposite for not understanding us, but it was never them. Relations are all about building us and reflecting on us, same way a writer would write in isolation their reflections and thoughts. Men are not from Mars neither are Women from Venus, it’s just how both the sexes think no one is able to understand the other. Simple reasoning to this is that they try to make the other understand their plight rather than self evaluate. No one is perfect but to look past that is what binds a relationship, no matter how good or bad since humans love humans and all humans are mortals and no devine creatures. Complexities between them is solvable.

Lastly, the analogous examples and definitions are just to state that no matter what our scenario the complexities are always solvable if we are under constant self evaluation and realisation. No other person can be wrong if you were not wrong too.

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