Pomodoro Technique — Approach to Enhance Productivity

Okay, I turned off my Facebook, email, then decided to study my classical sociological theory’s book. I set a timer of 25 minutes, and keep on reading after almost 15 minutes green light of my cell started blinking, indication of text message. Unintentionally my hands move toward that, but then I ignore and kept my cell phone aside. Similarly my after 25 minutes my timer started ringing.

After 25 minutes I took break of 5 minutes, then again I set alarm of 25 minutes and started GRE prep. In that specific time I went for vocabulary. I starting learning word meaning, and sentence making. Similarly during that specific time period only just one of my family member entered to my room. Mean I spent/completed that time without distraction.

When it comes to 3rd 25minutes alarm, then from GRE prep book I started preparing Maths. In Maths session I completed data analysis session.

Simple is that I would really appreciate this Pomodoro technique, where one has to set time to complete a specific task. When we set time, it creates a little normal/beneficial stress on our mind. Based on that stress our mind started working to complete that task within that set time period. That not only enhances our productivity but efficiency.

It is not difficult to practice Pomodoro technique rather when one is committed to complete a job, s/he will take this has a supporting and helping technique. I really enjoyed!

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