Hey Susan, A very bright morning! Thrilled to meet you. You have become quite a pioneer in your HR career including some impressive accomplishments! I would like to understand how it feels to celebrate your silver jubilee at work and mainly the lessons you embraced along the way.

Next few moments will be refreshing for both of us..start..action..roll..

Do you regret taking the decision of opting out as a developer as a fresher after your graduation?

Never! Given yet another chance I would choose the same path which has led me to where I am today :)

Do you still…

— Automation Magnifies Efficiency.

Simple solutions require the most advanced thinking and sometimes simple can be harder than complex! — The ‘Power of Simple’ basically means the most complex solution executed in the simplest way! In this blog, I wanted to share my experience and insights after having woken up to the fact that the business world runs faster with technology, and that HR needs to run along!

Choosing the right system for your operation matters. And the struggle of choosing the right system is real. Personally, I had challenges with regards to the gaps between expectation and experience — expectation of the technology…

Is Your Calling=Career?

One’s CALLING is a combination of passion, ability, desire and is more of an acknowledgment of a ‘higher vision’. Passion is generally ‘the willingness to suffer for something you love.’ and ‘calling’ is ‘the ultimate realization of unique work.’ They are so intimately woven together that most will never identify the difference.

Why do people keep emphasizing on passion, calling and love for what they do, when their paycheck can meet their financial needs? Sadly, many people never find it and some aren’t even aware of it! Their inability to focus, busy routines, too many options, all of these prevent…

Trust is the glue of life! Trust in the CEO and Senior Managers is very critical to employee satisfaction and engagement. Good communication builds trust and eventually opens the door to a better understanding of motives, challenges, and goals. It has the potential at all levels to powerfully plug the gap and elevate the business trajectory to the next level. This will be a fundamental principle that pays dividends not only in developing good people but by directly creating a bond with the organization’s bottom line.

OrangeScape is a culturally nourished, emotionally-bonded workplace! We at OS have a lot of…

#Impact #High Key Influencer #SureshTsunami continues to make waves!

In the recent past, our CEO Suresh Sambandam was interviewed by one of the Tamil television channels, which was my personal favorite! This piece of discussion is a reiteration that every single moment spent thinking and talking about the vision is an investment. Transparency, maybe the most disruptive to come out on social media but this interview was a genuine, honest, heartfelt one- and more of a voice to reflect on the connects, collaboration and the contribution to everyone around us. …

Time spent on hiring is time well spent :)

“You are the first brand ambassador of your company” is something I keep saying to myself every day as I meet & greet a lot of candidates and well-wishers. It’s important that I take a step further to make a meaningful difference as I need to reflect my company’s work culture as a HR, marketer, influencer and a salesperson! I consider my role very crucial as it’s also my responsibility to infuse the brand ambassadorship into the fabric of my organization and the potential talent I talk to!

The hunt for talent is a never-ending game. The market is huge…

Hiring (Front-end + Back-end) developers @OS

The art of a product based company like OrangeScape (OS) is to build a product that the customer needs and one which is undeniably good because they don’t just buy a product but an ‘experience’. Personally witnessing the transformation from Kissflow 2.0 to Kissflow 3.0 has been breathtaking! And hiring for this fantastic team that develops a product trusted by 10,000+ companies is such a great honor!

Traditionally, what separates an average company from a great company is ‘technology’ and ‘talent’. Technical skill is an ability to perform certain specialized tasks within a specific domain and hiring these experts with…

Seeing through the lens of an HR!

To succeed in today’s start-up-heavy job market, people have to think about their resumes as an advertisement targeted at their future boss!

As a HR, interviews are my everyday boost! Sourcing-screening-identifying resources and offering passionate talents gives me an unexplainable-supremely-satisfied feeling of accomplishment! The best moment of contentment in my work-life is when I differentiate the passionate ones from the active “job” seekers. In my observation there are few categories of candidates (1) People who chase less-exciting positions and accept a junior role with “name-brand” companies (2) People who target the smaller organizations that aren’t giants, to land a “better…

Sometimes it’s the princess who kills the dragon :)

Being a part of OS has always something to cherish about and the journey of crowning the Queens have been one amongst them.

When I joined this wonderful, humble family — I was the 4th lady employee :) Earlier in those days, our CEO’s conscious decision was to hire more women employees by creating the needed opportunities to ensure gender parity and re-emphasizing on the factor that career has no gender! …

Listen and Silent are misspelt — Think about it!

One of the major valuable lesson learnt in my past is to respond and NEVER to react. Many of us listen only with the intent to reply. When we reply we are repeating something we already know, supporting our pre-existing beliefs, values or perceptions rather listening to understand.

When we’re REACTING we are not in control (Reflexive: Wound-Driven state) and we are giving away the power to the person whom we are talking to! In-contrary we are in control when we RESPOND (Proactive: Purpose-Driven state).

The major communication gaps are:

1. We do not LISTEN

2. We do not UNDERSTAND

Susan Leonard

Passionate HR

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