Calligraphy — A Visual Treat ❤

We all have our own fonts!

Calligraphy means “beautiful writing” in Greek and spans over thousands of years. Handwritten letters and styles will never go out of fashion. For a matter of fact, a signature of a person is an aspect of handwriting too. The handwriting of adults is so unique that it is considered unlikely that any two people could really write identically — including the twins who share the same looks and genes.

I’m not quite sure when my love with letters began. I have always been obsessed with beautiful handwriting. From childhood, our knuckles were beaten up for making it right as its a predictor of success having a positive impact on our grades. I still remember as kids, we have even tried to reflect on a person’s personality by simply looking at their handwriting :)

Self-care is a divine responsibility and I have started learning this for my very own self-improvement. Though it’s always a visual treat for me to watch people who are calligraphically skilled, I have always been curious to learn and master this wonderful skill which will never be in vain. I have taken the first steps of purchasing my set of calligraphy pens/nibs and have started practising it at my leisure time!

There are different types of calligraphy — In Western calligraphy, vertical lines are written first followed by horizontal lines, such as when writing the letter “t”. In Asian calligraphy, strokes begin at the top of the character and move downward to the bottom of the character. In Islamic calligraphy, it begins with the largest strokes of the letter and progresses to the smallest strokes and dots. Some of the fonts I fell in love with are Burgues Script, Always Pro, PF Champion Script Pro and Poem Script Pro.

It’s interesting how each letter or symbol is made up of several different sections which are done in a single movement called strokes. It's crucial to hold the pressure on the penholder (grip pressure), as well as the pressure of the pen point on the paper (point pressure), that varies continuously with the speed of writing and the type of stroke that is being made. I have also understood that the beauty lies in the shape, size, thickness, spacing, slant and slopes of the letters as its the base characteristics for defining one's handwriting.

In the era where pen seems to be replaced by the touchscreens and keyboards, I have started writing with ink pens and its divine! I have the zeal to learn and the only way to master this skill is by practice.