I’m torn here and maybe you all can help.

dlhicks, I get where you’re coming from. Of course, we know we have allies (“we” meaning, women, LGBTQ, POC, WOC, etc.). Of course, I could include the qualifier in the body of my text, but the editor in me advises me not to :-)

I’ve been working on trying to understand different POVs, and it’s hard — I’m a woman, meaning “marginalized,” but I’m also straight and white, which means I have a lot of my own learning to do. One thing I’ve picked up, is that when one generalizes for the sake of editorial simplicity (and assumed mutual understanding, LOL), there’s someone who says, “Not me!” I’m not *that* (white guy, straight person, evangelist, conservative, progressive, etc.).

Speaking for all the women out there, we appreciate the feminist guys out there who support us. We know you’re out there. Really appreciative of people who get it, or who are trying to get it, because it’s a challenge to connect all of these intersecting points. As for me trying to get it, I’m trying my best to listen.

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