The one true Christy

Since publishing “To Christy, on Facebook, who doesn’t need the Women’s March,” I casually wondered if I’d hear from the author of the viral post that kicked my writing ass into gear Sunday morning.

Let’s review: A woman wrote a viral Facebook post (if you still haven’t seen this on Facebook, just google “I am not a disgrace to women”) about how she feels like a second-class citizen because she doesn’t support the Women’s March. Many of the viral posts and reports, shares, screenshots, etc. were attributed to a Christy. However, each time I saw it, the last name was different.

I responded on Medium, addressing each of her points.

I had no idea I’d hear from ALL OF THE CHRISTYS. Or people who know Christy. Or people named Christy but it’s spelled differently, like, Kristi (with a K). Or Christi (with an “i”), or Christie (with an “ie”).

I’ve divided these contacts into several categories:

  1. Women who know someone named Christy, and they’re writing to tell me that their friend is the real, actual Christy.
  2. Guys who know someone named Christy, and they’re writing to tell me that their friend is the real, actual Christy. One guy added that his Christy was kinda nuts.
  3. Women named Christy who are superpissed because they didn’t write the post, but now people think they did, so can I edit the article to remove the name.
  4. Women named Christy who didn’t write the post, but happened to share it, and now they’re mad at me because people are mad at them.
  5. Women named Christy who want me to tell them the last name of the Christy I was writing about.
  6. Women named Christy who threatened legal action because I used their first name in my piece.
  7. People (men and women) who say they know the real, actual Christy, and they took the time to find me on Facebook to PM me so she won’t find out that they’re outing her, and because they don’t support what she wrote but they can’t tell her that. But they wanted to let me know.
  8. People who send me screenshots of random Christys who shared the post written by some other Christy. Because they just wanted me to know.
  9. Friends who send me screenshots of Christys who shared the post, because now it’s getting hilarious.
  10. People who say they are totally Christy, original author of the viral “I am not a disgrace to women” post.

I never set out to actually find the author.

But I do think it’s interesting (and by “interesting,” I mean “funny as hell”) that so many have come forward to say that they are the Christy I’m looking for. I’m not pursuing proof of any “I am Christy” claims. It doesn’t matter.

I could have used any name — my message would have been the same. Someone who RT’d me on Twitter summed it up pretty well:

“Christy” may not be a woman & she may not exist as a person at all but a creation to devalue march.”

Christy, if you’re out there and you’d like to chat, you know where to find me.