How to plan beautiful wedding on low budget

Unless you’re the Beckhams, it’s likely you’ll be very budget-focussed when it comes to your wedding. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that; weddings, for all their excitement, importance and beauty, can be very expensive affairs.

If you’re planning your big day but have a low budget, you’re not alone. The average cost of weddings in the UK stands at £21,000 and with an economy still feeling the aftereffects of a huge financial crash, cost-cutting remains at the top of virtually every bride and groom’s preparation list.

In this post, we’ve got 6 tips for planning a beautiful wedding on a low budget.

1. The food and drink

It’ll be incredibly easy to over-spend on food and drink at your wedding. To avoid this costly mistake whilst still ensuring that your guests are well fed and watered, here’s some quick-fire tips:

  • Don’t overspend on wine. Go for one bottle per table of moderate quality.
  • Make the appetisers yourself. Rope in a friend a few days before the big day to help.
  • Go for outside catering. It’s usually far cheaper than the venue’s.
  • Have a takeaway instead. Fish and chips, pizza — why should your wedding follow conformity?

For more ideas read this article.

2. The flowers

You can’t have a beautiful wedding without flowers, but boy can they be expensive. Don’t get carried away when talking to the florist. Set a strict budget and stick to it. If you need to swap peonies for daisies, go for it — no one will notice.

3. The dress and shoes

Sure, you want that dress, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Ask to see bridal shops’ end of season lines — you’ll often find a great bargain to be had.

Alternatively, if you’ve got a friend who’s something of a seamstress, why not approach them about making your dress? It would be one of a kind and mean the world to both your friend and you.

Can’t afford those shoes? Why not be a little more inventive and wear something more ‘you’. Your favourite pair of trainers, perhaps. Remember — it’s your day!

4. The entertainment

A band, DJ, table magician, caricaturist — the list of potential wedding entertainers is now colossal, but don’t be blinded by how much fun you can create for your guests. If your budget is small, just go for a DJ. Even better, ask a friend who’s handy behind the decks to do it for you. You’ll still have an awesome night on the dance floor.

5. The venue

Usually the most expensive part of the day, the wedding venue needs careful consideration. Your budget shouldn’t be stretched just so that you can have that fairytale castle wedding, so peg back your dreams a little.

Some of the best weddings take place in the most innocuous of locations. A local town hall or farmer’s barn could be transformed for your wedding. Don’t write them off!

6. The extras

If you’re well into the planning of your wedding, you’ll have quickly realised how every extra seems to add an additional £500 to your budget. Costs can spiral when you start to add things like chair covers, choirs, custom napkins and favours no one wants.

Strip back the extras completely. Keep in mind what will make your wedding special; the venue, entertainment, food and drink and dress are what your budget should be focussed on. If there’s no money left at the end for extras, don’t worry — it won’t spoil the day.


If you’re feeling a little guilty about having to cut costs at your wedding, don’t. Research suggests that wedding guests can be just as price-conscious when it comes to the big day, and so should you. Follow the tips above, and you’ll create a wedding to remember without breaking the bank.

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