Blogs are online journals that are updated frequently . Content writing for online marketing is the best way to spread your views and your site. Blog posts are actually content writing used by industry experts.

I am often asked by students what is a blog and how to write a blog. It is always easier to write about something that you find interesting. A hobby, a passion, a business, a sport, something that

you are interested in and that you would like to share will others.

A successful blog post is not only a detail content or mere sentences but it must be an enchanting blog post to which readers immediately respond.

A successful blog post must have a focal point. It can consist of different paragraphs with one sentence and few supporting details. Irrelevant discussion should be avoided in a blog post.

If you want to write a successful blog post firstly choose a focal point of your post. Stay focused on your focal point and write all supporting details to defend that focal point.

You can make your blog post successful by telling your own story. You can add a narrative story in your blog post. It will make your post reality based.

You can share your personal experiences in your blog post to catch the attention of readers. Tell others about your personal views regarding the niche.

Use three ‘I’ trick for a successful blog post. Three I’ approach is inform, inspire and interact. Firstly inform your readers by telling them truth. Create inspiration by sharing your own views and feelings, you can also share story of some inspirational personality. At last interact with your readers. Read their responses and interact with them by replying to their respond.

Your blog post must be a call to action. After reading your blog post readers immediately act. It will make your block post more successful. A successful blog post always contain an impressive content.

While doing blogging one must be aware of his niche, his community and the whole world view. A successful blog post gives whole world view. It is not restrained to writer only.

A successful blog post is the one with no grammatical mistakes at all. Always use correct grammar. Follow grammar rules. Proofread your post before posting. Grammatical mistakes must be avoided . Check punctuation too.

Bloggers must not be personal or impersonal in writing post. Don’t copy content from other sites. Always write your blog post with unique content. Give your own views, your personal point of view.

Make your writing scannable and also choose an eye-catching title for your post. Use in-text links on your blog post. A successful blog post also contains social sharing buttons. The writer must be sure that the post is relevant from top to bottom.

A successful blog post provokes readers to act and respond. It is usually written with a call to action approach.

Writing a successful blog post is a way to inspire readers. Some people write whatever comes in their mind but a successful post must follow rules. Writer must show journalist approach. A writer must know what he wants the reader to do after reading his post that’s a call to an action.

Adding in a picture or two can help and at the end a call to action

When you have written the blog you then need to drive traffic.

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