Prebid.js is arguably the most popular header bidding platform in the ad tech space. It currently has the top spot in the header bidding market share, surpassing Amazon’s Transparent Ad Market. Prebid’s open source community, wide range of features, and many demand side sources make it a tantalizing choice amongst its competitors. This article briefly touches on Prebid’s origin story, its general architecture, and its future with SharedID and UnifiedID 2.0 (UID).

Prebid.js — An Origin Story

In its early days, programmatic digital advertising has been handled with a waterfall method. Publishers (known as “supply side” in ad tech) defined a list of advertisers (part…

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JavaScript is at the forefront of creating a beautiful user experience or a horrific latency filled nightmare once a site loads. It holds great responsibility for implementing complex features, adding interactivity, and the like on a page. And as web technologies progress over the years, so does the amount of JavaScript at play. So it’s vital that we know what we’re releasing to the world is not one of the culprits stalling the browser’s main process. The only way we can do so is by empirically verifying it with meaningful data. …

Susan Thai

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