Visual Design with Sketch

The time has come to use the powerful weapon of all UX / UI Designer and put into practice some of the tips and tricks that we have been learning.

I tried to “reproduce” some pictures given to see how far I could go in Sketch, and I think the result is quite similar … let’s see what you think.

This is the original, it’s an application to plan trips with friends and share the itinerary of each day including activities and schedules. In this case, there are two Mock apps, the login and the itinerary.

As you can see the interface is simple and intuitive, easily understandable by the user to receive information and to interact with it.

And this is my version, yes, I know it is not exactly the same … but I have taken the license to make a few minor changes, such as the color of the items in the path or the progress bar.

The biggest challenges of this exercise have been to remember some of the utilities of the application, as for example, at the time of making the logo, that it was necessary to use the transformation and combination of objects.

Another objective was to try to be organized with the layers, to have everything accessible more easily and to take good habits from the beginning.

This exercise has served me to face the first “real” challenge with Skecth, and, truthfully, I have felt comfortable using the interface which is very intuitive, however, I know that I have too much to learn in order to get the most out of it .

Sketch · Diamond