(Un)Defining Yourself

One of the things that I most love is to write. No planning, no strategy. Just write, like I once said.

But this is just one of the many things I love. I love to write but I also love to decorate houses, I love to take care of my children, I love you H., I love to receive people on their travels to Lisbon, I love to paint poetry on canvas and hung them around the house, I love to make things with paper, I love to write letters, I love vintage, I love wine, I love family traditions, I love the new company that I’m building with my lifetime partner, I love to brainstorming, I love to manage teams, I love to manage financials, I love remote work, I love to (try to) understand the human mind, I love a good conversation, I love baking cakes, I love dinner parties, I love beautiful things, I love to prepare a dinner table to welcome friends, I love to make them feel at home, I love fresh flowers, I love…

And do you know what’s sad? Is that in our lives we almost need to choose one thing to do. Our job, our career: “What are you? A doctor? A designer? A salesperson? What do you do?”. We are constantly looking for a definition for “what we do” as if that’s the answer for “who we are”.

I want to do everything that makes me happy and that is meaningful to me.

I love this multidimensional aspect of my life. This is who I am.