Review of the Luma Comfort HCW10B Cool & Warm Mist Humidifier

Hi everyone today, I am reviewing the Luma comfort cool and warm mist humidifier model number and website will be listed below you control humidity level at home. Don’t forget to check that out. If you’re not familiar with luma comfort, they are basically dedicated to bringing sleek and modern appliances into the home. I think they have done just that when they made the cool and warm nest Lima confer humidifier.

Why You used It?

I decided to take this on vacation with me and I’m seriously grateful that I did. I am allergic to dust mites and I have chronic sinusitis. You can imagine that traveling staying in hotel rooms is probably not the most fun thing for me and it truly isn’t. Really test this out I decided to wait three days before I used it.

We were basically saying in the same spot for the week. I was able to do that with no problem. The very first night that, I stayed in our hotel room I started to sneeze. The second night I started getting watery eyes and then the third night I was completely unable to breathe. The third night I went ahead and plug this in and it was my first time plugging it in. I was really pleasantly supply surprised that I was able to use it as easily as I did.

Easy To Use

The second thing that I was completely surprised by was how much missed this actually put out. I have used humidifiers in the past that you can’t even tell there was Miss coming out of them. I was really nice to actually kind of see the mist in the air and know that it was coming out. The second thing that, I enjoyed was it was one foot from my bed. I could barely hear it. I really enjoyed that after I plug this in for one night I was able to breathe and I was so thankful.

This will definitely be coming on vacation with me from now on. Also, the dials down here are really easy to use there’s a Cool Mist Humidifier and warm mist setting which is great. I know that you don’t technically use humidifiers in an already moist environment. But the place that I was Stanley saying there is kind of stagnant. I trend this on turn the fan on and the air circulated got all the gunk out of the air and it was just so nice. But since we were in a warmer environment I chose the cool aunt missed option instead of the warm. It was nice being able to have a choice because not a lot of humidifiers that I’ve seen actually how a choice is kind of just cool mist and that is it.

The reservoir is really easy to take out and then, of course, you put the water in here. It’s the lid back on it’s easy to put back in its lightweight even with the reservoir full. The only thing that I did not enjoy about this was that one the reservoir empties it beeps and it beeps continuously. Because it wants you to feed it more water. I will say that I didn’t fill the reservoir up the entire way didn’t the very first night that I used it. If I would have filled it up the first night all the way it wouldn’t have beeped on me throughout the night. Because I believe that you get quite a bit of hour out of this with a full reservoir.

All in all, I really really enjoyed this it stayed next to my bedside. It was literally one foot away from my head the entire night. I had no condensation on me no condensation on the nightstand, no water on the floor so that was definitely a plus. I will say all in all I enjoyed the look of this I enjoy the way it works I enjoy the mist that it puts out I enjoy that it’s easy to clean. I’m the only thing I didn’t enjoy was the beeping but like I said if I would have filled this up to the brim at the very first night it wouldn’t have beeped. I hope you guys go check this company out I’m Dave really other cool things on their website so be sure to go check them out.