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Nashville Eclipse Encounter

Seeing The Unseen

Susan Brearley
Aug 20, 2017 · 1 min read

I see you.

You see me.

who are all these people sliding by us, as we spirit connect in voice and music and vibration

As the tone is rung, as the sound energy spreads, as it ripples out and touches the substance, the carbon, the elements where it vibrates and resists, it bounces like a rubber ball against a wall.

What are these forms, these shape shifters?

where are the code shifters who sense the tone who feel the spirit who absorb the word who bounce it back?

They are there, waiting for the tones. For their tones, for their word, for their circle, to catch the seed the dandelion casts, the pebble the creation drops, to touch the ripple, to feel the touch, to feel the movement of the tone from this tone to the next tone, to bounce from wave to wave.

or just to surf.

Susan Brearley

Written by

Boss of Things, Leader of Humans. And cats. Alpha of Dogs. Chief Elf Officer of Elf Works Lane, For Human Rights in Business since 2009. Autodidact Ninja.

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Also tagged Surfing


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