When Being Yourself Causes Others To Feel Intimidated
Poornima Vijayashanker

Absolutely a risk worth taking, Poornima!

I myself have struggled with people who may or may not find me intimidating (and never knowing the truth because they were not direct — poor Vic!). I definitely try to practice radical candor in both my work and my personal life. I have opinions! And when you’re the boss, that’s ok. When you’re the employee, you may come off as too . . . something. :)

But it’s worth being who you are; strong, independent and competent. If this is threatening to people, the best you can do is what Vic is going to do — ask people to approach him with candor in person. How else can we be who we want to be, but still bring our best to the table.

Thanks for writing and inspiring me to continue my best professional self!