So, a little background on how I conceive this.
Abhishek Labhe

Abhishek Labhe ,

You are admirable. You’ve answered my question and I appreciate this .

I have a few friends that come from your culture and their children are very well mannered , friendly and all are so respectful. And respected!

One of our Doctors ( their children attended school with both our children and now my grandchildren . Its a private Catholic School.

These kids are the nicest smartest and always place in the top of their class. I believe because they want to please their parents.

They do put a lot of enfaces ( correct spelling?) on education. I’m more than proud to know them.

My oldest grandson was often invited to their home and actually took his studies more seriously because of their two boys and daughter.

Each of them were brilliant and musically inclined.

Im very happy i was able to explain what I was trying to get across in that story that was mis-perceived.


We can remain great friends in this newsfeed. 😊

Thanks dear friend.

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