On Going Gray and Fading Away

Ahhh, Alexainie.

I have come to a new conclusion, I’ll be turning 64 soon like in October .

I had been a blond, I always loved getting low or highlights.

My thoughts have gravitated to I’ll take care, be my best and as long as my husband like me as I am, that’s enough for me.

Funny thing about hair , at 39 prior to brain surgery they asked me how much I wanted to take off ???

Jeez I had an option?

I told them take half off, I had a perm 2 days prior , I figured I could wear a scarf to cover the other half. ( my hair was long and curly at that time .i still laugh about it .


But oh, wrinkles..that’s another story . I wouldn’t get surgery, but my friends and I are spending. Fortune on creams!

I just love your stories- your a woman of interest.

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