Usually something along the lines of bad grammar and that stupid banjo from the film Deliverance.
From City To Country

alto ,

Between this statement and the generosity statement , I opt for the latter. LOL.

One can always turn the other cheek with the bad grammar. Let me say, guilty as charged, in my case small town life isn’t really a fair analysis. You probably are right in 80% of said “ pre- conceived notion .” I loved this read, it was warm and genuine and truthful.

For me, massive brain surgery knocked the heck within my brain like a pinball bouncing wildly in all directions ,not able to always find the best stuff. ( no excuses though right?) I can laugh at myself.

However, your 100% correct when you stated the “sincere generosity” small towns usually present are real.Easy living most often. Come winter , if you get stuck , I think you can always find someone that is ready to help, for many years we never even locked our doors.. STUPID some things change.

Did you install a security system ? I always screw that up, trying to keep number codes is probably why we didn’t. I really screwed my son’s up, 😫 he forgave me.

Alto, your new digs look amazing , looks like a place I could be very cozy in, I think you and David are going to love, love. love it!

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