There’s no way to see the bones that creak, the flexibility that was once second nature and now sometimes seems not even attainable.
The Tuesday Quotable

alto , a very Happy Birthday to you young man!

In the words of those famous “Weather Girls” have “I got news for you.”

At 65 let me tell you this , your so so right about the bones that creak ( ouch) Mr. Art R Itis lends a hand like a reprimand, a reminder of hard working days.

Wherever he hangs out, he wreaks havoc , I understand the hands and knees bit??


The skull, now that I can’t fathom. What did I ever do to deserve his visit there?

My neck and shoulders. , at times I’d love dropping them off for a week I need a vacation from aching.

You are correct , about sleep 💤 ,one needs more. The earlier one hits the sheets, not a fix in my case 5:00 A.M. comes much too soon, did I mention the interruptions visiting The Loo?

You have so much to look forward too . Enjoy 51 while you still look 45.

Progression in age does not allow backward motion.

Oh to be 18 again , or 55 what the heck, I’m fortunate that I’m alive.

Actually the oldest photo here, long hair , along with my handsome husband sporting the Ron Jeremy stash ( oops. Bad girl 🧐) three of my favorites have passed away, two of them earned longevity titles , one at 59?? So Sad ! How I wish it differently.

So , this is us

To all those good years

66 comes to me in October.