So very sorry for your loss alto !
Susan Christiana

alto , today my mother is gone 21 years.. Yesterday was our 46th Wedding Anniversary.

I have a story as to how bittersweet things unravel .

We had been away celebrating a 25 th Wedding /renewal of vows. My mom was suffering from cancer, and I believe beginning dementia

My heart broke each time I visited seeing Mom change so much( her smile never changed ,she always smiled )

While we were away , my sister called to say my mother had passed ( two days after a beautiful wedding vow renewal party) we came home ! My husband got the call, he didn’t wake me until morning with the news that would break my ❤️.

My sisters and I always wondered who and how mom would come back to our hometown for burial next to Dad.

Now…’s where I find a synchronicity unbelievable to me.

On our way back we had intersected an interstate( words aren’t coming that doesn’t sound correct. In my mind I understand.

Back to the incident , we drove for another hour and a half.and then the strangest thought occurred to me. We had been behind a hurst for a long stretch of road.

My heart and soul was whispering to me , could that be mom!

She had come home with us all the way home . We followed that hurst all the way to our *local arranged funeral home*

Now my sisters and I found that way to much to be a coincident !

What do you think ?

So Alto ,prayers or thoughts for peace to you and David. I pray!

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