he has not hidden his face from him
I’m sure you know this, Jonas, but for the record, when Jesus said from the cross “My God, My God…
Jack Preston King

And in all of this, I believe that God Our Father cried for His only begotten Son (that this be necessary to fix everything.)

I believe when I say Please God heal my son from his broken neck, heal him from his paralyzed state.

And again , heal him from the thyroid cancer that may take away the beautiful talent of his amazing voice … so many loved and appreciated .

I know God cried right along with me, I knew there is a reason things happen, and i know that his fall, and his being paralysed leaving a hole in his spinal chord resulted in finding his cancer.

And then….

I knew my prayers were answered.

Faith it can move a mountain!

So, Jonas Ellison , our loving Savior uttered these words as we all do at times.

My God my God

Thank you for not forsaking me.


My son walks , and he sings again!

Thanks. Jack Preston King. and thank you Jonas, I really love your work .

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