Text Me When You Get Home
Tre L. Loadholt

As a parent I’m on your brothers side, I loved the way you put this together Tremaine . You are awesome !

I’m also loving the closeness your family shares. Makes for a happier atmosphere ( I so wish it was contagious in these times.)

I have three sons, and I’d split logs into quarters if just to rid the anxious energy I feel when they fly.

I’m not good at being patient when my chickadees are out of the pen😁.

You would probably appreciate an article I read *editorial* years ago. It was satire and a bit funny . It was something about “ there are death exemptions, if you look for them while in line to board your flight .Memory isn’t allowing me to elaborate, but I think her name was Kathleen ,gonna say Brown. That was years ago, and brain tumors and radiation leave somethings to be desired. Anyway…

My own flight experiences created quite a few good laughs to those that know me! Another story, I’m a hoot!

One incident actually scares the be Jesus out of me.. My family asked me why I wasn’t responding to a few calls to be screened at the airport, I’m really hard of hearing. Lol.that factor isn’t scary but being they allowed me to board without finding me , That does ! Somewhere along that trek you would think I’d be on some kind of list???

So it goes, Antigua, Jamaica 3times and still, no one has found me.

So please , call your brother and your Mother!

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