Yet, I did indeed need them as much as they needed me.
Winnie & Pooh

Beautiful story Dennett !

alto , Dennett mentioned I should share this with you. Much editing needed, I don’t know how to submit, she mentioned your love of animals ( yes, I know that) well, please look it over, I have a lot to learn. …

I had a lot of dogs in my life over the years.

One in particular still grabs my heartstrings and squeezes them so tight, and I feel the hurt as much as I did the day he passed.

Snooper found us in 1977, someone tried drowning a litter of pups.

He would have no part of that cruel mean SOB.

We found him close to the edge of a creek. Heartbroken, we all wanted him. The middle son begged we keep him.( I never mentioned we would have anyway. )

Over the years we had the most wonderful times with him!

This picture is approximately 36 years old. ( my youngest in action with Snooper)

To my long lost BFF,

You came to us as a pauper, we knew you were a Prince

A kind and gentle forever heartfelt message , you were destined to give so much more than to receive.

Rare today, not in animal ways, you proved this …

Three little “misters” and the husband he too, we found joy in all their days,

Not more than myself

Because of your ways!

I miss you snooper !❤️🐶

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