They wanted each one of us to get into character and answer some questions based on us being those assigned characters.
Fauzia Farrah

Fauzia Farrah ,

Im fascinated with your writing skills. Your brilliant, but speak down to earth that I understand a lot of what is going on.

My youngest is schooling now for becoming a licensed Psychologist. Although he has a Masters degree, he needs to acquire “Licence”

Reason im mentioning is because he showed me the book recently for the course. It is the subject your discussing here.

I skimmed through and found it way to much to decipher, lol

So there you have it Fauzia, the real me emerges. Not educated book wise.

I would have loved being on a panel, I know kindness would have prevailed in every circumstance.

I also would have loved seeing me portrayed. ???

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