The funny thing is, in truth, everyone is so busy thinking about themselves — they’ve got little time to waste on me.
#Busy — Not My Thing
Gail Boenning

Gail Boenning ,

I’m going to call you on this, I would spend more time on you , than any high paying position I could ever imagine.

Your a wealth of knowledge and you present all of it through eyes of kindness. You’ll say yea , yea because of the humbleness you possess.

Do you realize how good you are Gail?

And, The milk weed took me back to a place we knew as kids known as “Stony Point.”

Oh heavens what great memories you exposed. We used to hike up a two mile stretch with yikes( a pack of matches and kindle) for a bonfire . Lord, we were 12 , some 15 years old.

Luckily one of us had common sense. No, not I.

I was the one that wanted toasted marshmallows?

Never had any troubles , just mighty fine memories. Today, I thank my God for that.

Thanks for this beautiful gift you have making memories for others!

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