Wild Kingdom
Gail Boenning

Gail Boenning ,

What a fascinating story you wrote , I’m thrilled to be mentioned.

The picture is a Kodack moment.

The story is priceless. I have seen a walking stick up close , three times in my life they intrigue me.

Is there a story as to why they come? Or what brings them? Is it an indication of a snowy winter? Usually those fat wholly black striped , or pure white caterpillars indicate weather predictions. At least the Farmers Almanac states facts determining so.

Have you seen any Praying Mantis? I usually see at least two each year, none have graced our property as of yet. 😪 I’ll keep watching, and “pray” my camara is handy. ( no pun intended.)

That would be dandy, don’t you agree ?

I love everything you write!