I saw a male and female (separately) cross the path in front of us.
What you say to me friend, means more than you might think.
Gail Boenning

Gail Boenning ,

Ansolutely as far as the “ watching out for us” statement.

And for that I am always grateful. Lol. I might add that neighbors along the path were also keeping a close eye on our shenanigans, more than once we had to be put in our place ( they would say send them to the hoosegow??) I liked those that referred to the Castle .

Seriously, we weren’t bad, adventurous I would say. We built huts too.

Those same neighbors joked about a new adventure on the horizen, many times some of the older retired gentleman would come along fearing we would chop fingers off ( he seen the Ax we were trudging along with , yes we were the stand by me crew.)

So anyway God bless my Mom! If she knew all this, I would have had a personal “Castle,” and my name would have been Rapunzel.

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