If they “dispute” a claim, you have 60 days to respond, during which they do not have to pay it and…
Gerard Mclean

Gerard Mclean ,

Hello again, it’s Susan here.

I was thinking about January coming and the dilemma of the $2120.00 monthly .

How would this idea work, suppose one would decide to roll the dice, go without the exuberance of that cost , and if hospitalization were needed pay 2 grand a month on billing ?

I’m not sure that would be an answer for said situation . But that thought occurred . I know people out there do this without hassle from Hospitals .

Desperate times call for desperate measures don’t you think.

In three years, since my husband retired we put out approx 60 grand very close .

And how about the feature in which an insurance company says we will pay a hospital $4,500 for a 10,000 billing for an MRI OR WHATEVER PROCEDURE ( all over billed) and the hospital accepts that as payment in full. The same procedure is billed differently to uninsured !

So, help me out here, am I being logical in my thoughts about not keeping this insurance ?