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Good rant Larry Couch ,

I don’t expect the wealthy to totally carry the financial burden.

I have a different concept of *to whom much is given *means to me.

I think it also means — give jobs to people, give their time to others, train up a host of people that will actually fend for themselves.

Yes, there has to be a good solution and someone brilliant enough to figure it out.

I definitely don’t think the wealthy need to fund everything, but as a middle class person i have come up against paying way more than our share of tax, along with ( forget this I cant explain properly)

I say this a slight bit peeved. I think each time I think as a disabled person being denied disability( see i worked 27 credit hours at the time my incident happened, i needed 28 to get those funds. Forget fighting for that, my anxiety level held me back.)

So , i became a volunteer. We put three kids through College . One Grad School, all the time seeing how the rich get richer with so many tax breaks .

Is there a better way to revamp a system that doesn’t hurt the hard working middle class?

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