Almost everything in the Episcopalian services I attend helps check the inevitable attenuation of…

Gutbloom ,

BRAVO! Ive been to so many services over the years and Lent always brings me deep spiritual feelings.

One of the most profound episodes of feeling came to me while watching a digital adaptation of Jesus being scourged and whipped with a catty nine tail torture device.

I couldn’t control my emotions.

All along knowing it was( I. ) causing Him horrendous suffering.

I know and respect other religions, perhaps i can say this here and be accepted for mine.

Someone loved me enough to go through this suffering and die for me. Yes, church causes me to contemplate and feel why I’m there.

The digital was on a documentary, it was something I can never forget,

Will never forget, this is the reason i come back to show Honor to our God for sending His only begotten son. The fact that He made him human is never lost on me.

And I know God cried to see this happening !

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