You’re just a special boy, aren’t you.
Heath Houston

Heath Houston ,

First of all glad to hear you , being the you I first read!

Go get um!

You know after reading these mean comments that Pat Riarchry , ( or whomever he is , /she possibly is, you sure got through the layer of dumb PR is.

I’m beginning to think he’s planted to create little lively discussions . Is it possible that anyone could be such a rotten crap of humanity? Why should he concern himself if one is fat and another thin?

I can’t imagine a person being raised this way, lol.

He certainly has a problem with FAT, maybe as a kid he was bullied.

Seriously, someone had to teach him some class…. Sounds to me as if he is a first grader with a hugh case of “ the snickers”

You did great Heath !

You are a class act, helping others.

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